AITEM - European Champions Alliance
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HealthTech, Italy, Start-up/Scale-up

AITEM S.r.l. is an innovative start-up part of PUNCH Group and is fully dedicated to the development of innovative Artificial Intelligence Software as a Service Solutions.

The company relies on the technological background on AI developed in the automotive field and has a proprietary set of algorithms and techniques currently being deployed in the medical field. Our mission is “Driving healthcare democracy till zero medical error”: We understood that medical field pain points are the staff (usually understaffed), the fact that it is experience based and the cost pressure. We also understood that there is a big difference between public healthcare and private healthcare.

Thanks to our patented solution, we can deploy our solutions faster than competitor providing almost immediately a working environment that can increase sensitivity and specificity of medical personnel.

For public healthcare we focus on the workflow prioritization so that physician can act on most important tasks first, offering also a second opinion suggestion to help them with the diagnosis. This to decrease the pressure and the mistakes.

For private healthcare we offer solutions capable to optimize their structural cost ensuring that the workflow is well balanced for professionals and decreasing diagnosis timing.

Our primary focus is the healthcare market but, thanks to the adaptability of our software, we can provide AI SaaS cloud services also in other fields such: veterinary and industrial.

For more information, visit their website over here.