MEXS - European Champions Alliance
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Collaborative Tools, Germany, Smart Industry, Start-up/Scale-up
About This Project

MEXS was founded in Balgheim Germany in 2012. Since the beginning, their goal was to develop a digital platform for medium-sized companies in order to support their transformation into 4.0 Industries.  

MEXS offers safe and connected conversational platforms for Medium-sized companies and industrial leaders through conversation-based workflows for connecting non-desk workers to people, software and hardware. The company makes a point regarding data-security, therefore the platform proposes a licence software service, for the client to be in control of their data. 

We think at the time of digitalization and automatisation, conversations have a special place to take in the Smart Industry. It concerns topics like GRDP, connecting IoT and people, and a social way of integrating people in the industry 4.0. “ 

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