Motherbase - European Champions Alliance
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Collaborative Tools, France

Motherbase, the key to open innovation

Thanks to its machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, Motherbase analyzes all available digital “conversations” between known key players, known as “catalysts” (large public and private players, incubators, media funds, competitiveness clusters …), and innovative organizations little or not known (startups, SMEs, NGOs…).

The goal is to identify, qualify and map all the innovation players in a given sector The goal is to identify, qualify and map all innovation players in a sector, technology or geographical area.

A 100% dynamic database in almost “real-time” (each file is updated on average once a month) on average once a month), which is unique in its kind and which makes it possible to draw on an of information and messages to micro-target an actor, a specific audience and address it and address them in the most relevant way possible.

An associated search engine allows to identify any actor according to a large number of criteria (location, keyword, sector of activity, company size, etc.). It should be noted that Motherbase is very attentive to the respect of privacy (privacy by design).

Thus, the database does not contain any personal data related, for example, to the managers or employees of employees, for example, since this data is retrieved from social networks where users have given their consent.
Motherbase is currently growing at a rate of about 400 “cards” per week and has surpassed 50,000 referenced actors and 1,000 catalysts analyzed as of November 25, 2019.

About U Change:

U Change is a hybrid company: software publisher AND consulting firm.
It publishes two SaaS software products that enable companies to take back control of 2 strategic aspects of their business, innovation and personal data: Motherbase, dedicated to the management of open innovation ecosystems through AI
GDPR Drop, which allows collaborative and real-time management of personal data
personal data in the context of the RGPD

For companies that wish to do so, U Change combines these software programs with consulting in digital transformation.