Wooxo - European Champions Alliance
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About This Project

Wooxo publishes sovereign software solutions for SMEs to eliminate the risks of business interruption and potential loss of computer data resulting from any type of computer disaster: handling errors, hardware failures, natural disasters or cybercriminal attacks.

A member of FrenchTech120, the company, whose mantra is “Zero data loss, zero business interruption”, offers a cybersecurity package in the form of an Appliance. The Appliance provides two types of protection: a preventive shield made up of a new generation of antimalware based on artificial intelligence and a curative backup solution and disaster recovery plan. Winner of the “2019 Cyber Security Awards” in the Best Solution for SMBs category awarded by the English magazine The Acquisition International, the solution is labelled France Cyber Security.

Wooxo is a player committed to the construction of a Sovereign Digital Europe within the European Champions Alliance and on the Cyber Security front within HEXATRUST, of which it is Vice President.

Wooxo is part of the Atempo-Wooxo Group, the result of the merger in 2017 of Atempo and Wooxo, two French publishers specialising in data protection and recognised respectively in their market segments. These perfectly complementary entities in terms of customer targets, solutions portfolio, distribution channels and geographical coverage, enable the combined group to establish itself as the European leader with a global presence.

For more information visit www.wooxo.fr.
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Cybersecurity, France, Start-up/Scale-up