Events and Meetings - European Champions Alliance
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Events and Meetings

As we are an open initiative and believe that values such as transparency and open-mindedness is a must, we invite you as members or only curious person to join our events. Also, we want to be transparent and inform all stakeholders about how we lead the European Champions Alliance.

Our events and meetings

Focus group meetings:

Thematic meetings with an emphasis on our focus groups such as: cybersecurity, industry 4.0, or fintech. Meetings can be open or restraint. Please find out more about the focus groups and their respective agenda here.

For ECA members only:

General Assembly of the European Champions Alliance: 23.3.2021

Restraint meetings to our core members and team:

  • Strategic Council (4th Wednesday every month)
  • Operational Management Board (Mondays at 8:30)
  • Supervisory Board (once every quarter)

If you want to join the core team, please contacts-us.