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Become a member

Join our mission of supporting the European Tech Ecosystem

You should become a member if …

... you want to support European Tech and values and promote European Tech Leadership.

... you want to support the strategic goals of the European Champions Alliance as stated below.

... your start-up / scale-up is planning to develop its activities in other European markets.

... your company would like to access the best European technology available.

... you would like to enter a network of passionate Europeans that share the same values and are excited about European Tech.

It's now or never! So many decision makers, private and public, are now aware of the emergency to rely on a strong digital European offer. Let's help transform awareness into behaviour!

Advantages for ECA Members

All members

  • Free access to the ECA network
  • Free access to focus groups, meetings, virtual and physical events
  • ECA membership newsletter, exclusive information, and reports
  • Your logo on our website
  • Our logo on your website / Linkedin
  • Possibility to publish content on our blog

Start-Ups / Scale-Ups / SMEs

  • Access to the ECA network of mentors, experts & partners to accelerate your growth
  • Access to our scale-up knowledge base
  • Free access to a first intake session
  • A 2-hour intensive workshop on your European expansion with our experts
  • Increased visibility on a European level
  • Best practices sharing with your European peers


  • Promoting your corporate venture
  • Early evaluation of a scale-ups potential on European markets
  • Identifying, mapping and recommending relevant European scaleups to invest in
  • Finding European alternatives to non-European solutions and technologies
  • Finding European experts for benchmarks or assessments of your startups

Membership Fees

Business expert, company or institutional membership

ECA yearly memberships are open to all business experts and organizations (whether of a public or private nature) that share similar objectives as set out above and in Article 4 of the Articles of Association.

Please click on your membership category


    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    300 €
  • START-UP / SCALE-UP (FTE 1 – 100)

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    500 €
  • SCALE-UP (FTE 101-250)

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    850 €
  • Small enterprise (FTE 251 – 5 000)

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    1 500 €
  • Medium enterprise (FTE 5001 – 10 000)

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    3 000 €
  • Large enterprise (FTE 10 000+)

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    6 000 €
  • VCS / FONDS / INVESTORS (AM < 100 M€)

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    1 000€
  • VCS / FONDS / INVESTORS (AM > 500 M€)

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    2 500 €
  • VCS / FONDS / INVESTORS (AM < 500 M€)

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    5 000€

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    1 000 €

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    1 000 €

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    2 000€

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    5 000 €

    Regular annual fee (date to date)

    600 €

Membership period: Yearly, starting on the day of the payment of the membership

Membership status: Member

Voting rights: yes

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Support our strategic goals

The European Champions Alliance (ECA) is a not-for-profit initiative by a group of passionate entrepreneurs and business development experts who support European Tech and values and promote European Tech Leadership.

The fundamental reason why we want to help scale-ups is that at present European scale-ups don’t use the full potential of the European Single Market. The alliance mobilizes resources of its ecosystem to overcome the growth hurdles.

At the European Champions Alliance, we want to create awareness and aim to influence the mindset of decision-makers to encourage scale-ups in hyper-growth mode to stay headquartered in Europe through European funding.

The ECA builds cross-border bridges between scale-ups, SMEs, corporates, institutions, academia, and the supporters of the tech ecosystem in Europe to harness the power of smart collaboration and support the growth of European digital champions.

We unite industry experts and business professionals to leverage smart collaboration across European markets. We support best practice exchange by creating networking opportunities open to all members of the European Champions Alliance.  

The ECA provides hands-on strategic and operational support through a pan-European network of service providers in international business development, sales, marketing, recruitment, governance and operational growth.