European Champions Alliance - Unleashing the hidden power of European Tech
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The European Champions Alliance (ECA) promotes European technology and
European values. We believe that Europe’s strategic economic autonomy can be
strengthened through a conscious business-related interdependence between
European companies and all participants of the European economic ecosystem.


Europe must build a strong regional economic network to foster innovation
and technologies. Embedding this network in the global world economy is
indispensable, but should not prevent us from putting the defense of European
interests and values at the center.


To achieve this goal, the ECA builds bridges between national ecosystems, SMEs,
companies and other supporters of the tech ecosystem in Europe. We harness the
power of smart collaboration and accelerate the growth of Europe’s digital champions.

Who we are

The European Champions Alliance (ECA) is a not-for-profit initiative led by passionate entrepreneurs who support European Tech and values. We enable the technological leadership of European scale-ups by supporting them to unleash their full potential.

What we do

We create and animate a pan-European community of start-ups, scale-ups, corporates, institutions, associations, entrepreneurs, networkers and passionate ecosystem members who support and promote sustainable and responsible growth of our European technology companies driving digital transformation in key strategic sectors.

Boosting European Economic Sovereignty

Creating a vibrant pan-European community

  • We want to support scale-ups because, at present, European scale-ups don’t use the full potential of the European Single Market. The alliance mobilizes resources of its ecosystem to overcome the following hurdles:
    • fragmentation of the European market
    • technical and operational challenges
    • cultural differences and lack of trust
    • insufficient funding.
  • Contributing to change is ECA’s mission, and we aim to influence decision-makers’ mindset to change that so that scale-ups in hyper-growth mode stay headquartered here.
  • Unite industry experts and business professionals to leverage innovative collaboration across European markets.
  • The ECA provides hands-on strategic and operational support through a pan-European network of service providers in international business development, sales, marketing, recruitment, governance, and operational growth.

Our vision

We want start-ups founded in Europe

to take the technological lead in key technologies of the future, remain in European hands,

and accompany, support and protect our citizens and industries in the digital age!