European Open Innovation Peer Network - Corporates - European Champions Alliance
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European Open Innovation Peer Network – Corporates

Alone, one cannot win, the network will reveal the power within.

Would you like to …

  • … have an impact on the way we innovate in Europe in the future?
  • … support the European tech ecosystem in strengthening its strategic economic sovereignty?
  • … help young European start-ups thrive and become European Champions and great partners for your business?
  • … better execute the (European) innovation strategies you have defined?
  • … quicker identify relevant European start-ups through P2P recommendation?
  • … find the right partners for your projects on a European level (RFPs, R&D, …)?
  • … be part of tomorrow’s European business leaders?
  • … get out of your day-to-day and enjoy out-of-the-box growth sessions with other European leaders?

Build relationships

Exchange views

Gain effectiveness

Innovate together

Together we’ll define the best way to innovate and collaborate in Europe!

  • Recurring collaboration and sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices with a distinguished group of peer executives from diverse enterprises across Europe.
  • The ability to apply the experience and knowledge gained via the network to business and technology issues within the members’ organizations.
  • To be an integral part of increasing value to its customers, business partners and the European Tech Ecosystem.
  • A small group of max. 25 non-competing companies.

Scope – Topics to work on

  • How can we connect European corporate start-up initiatives to scale the impact for the start-ups and to gain efficiency and synergies for everyone? (How to scale acceleration?)
  • How can we share best & worst practices on open innovation between European corporates, define standards and make the process smoother and quicker by learning from each other?
  • How can we build and share a common value model for European (open) innovation?
  • How can we build the European tech community as a safe place to exchange data & know-how to provide the basis for scaling European champions?
  • How can we leverage collective intelligence and partnerships and provide collaboration possibilities between European corporates when it comes to working with / investing in / supporting European Start-ups and scale-ups? (leverage the network as an early go-to-market channel).
  • How can we provide great value and deep impact to all network members quickly (quick wins)?