Atempo - European Champions Alliance
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Atempo offers solutions for backing up, archiving, moving and restoring the critical data of thousands of companies around the world. With more than twenty-five years of experience in data protection, Atempo offers a complete range of proven solutions for backing up physical and virtual servers, desktops and migrating very large volumes of data between different storages. Atempo’s three flagship solutions, Lina, Miria and Tina, are labelled ‘Used by the French Armed Forces’ and ‘France Cybersecurity‘. Atempo is the solution of choice for many customers operating in demanding performance domains: Banking & Finance, Media & Entertainment, Life and Earth Sciences …

Atempo is part of the Atempo-Wooxo Group, the result of the merger in 2017 of Atempo and Wooxo, two French publishers specialising in data protection and recognised respectively in their market segments. These perfectly complementary entities in terms of customer targets, solutions portfolio, distribution channels and geographical coverage, enable the combined group to establish itself as the European leader with a global presence.

Cybersecurity, France, Start-up/Scale-up