Nano Corp - European Champions Alliance
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Nano Corp

Cybersecurity, France, Start-up/Scale-up

In the dynamic realm of IT infrastructure, where transitions from on-premises to the cloud, from servers to edge computing, and from traditional systems to IoT are perpetual, one facet remains immutable: the network. At NANO Corp, we elucidate the network, ensuring it remains transparent, comprehensible, operational, and secure. Introducing n.Scope, our Next Generation Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution that eradicates all blind spots and dispels any doubts. The n.Scope NDR is engineered to provide unadulterated visibility from edge to cloud, swiftly pinpointing vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations even in hybrid configurations. While complementing log-based solutions, our pioneering analytics on raw data facilitate real-time detection and evidence-backed forensics. This harmonized workflow not only hastens remediation but also furnishes incontrovertible proof of events in regulated environments.

More information here on their website.