Nano Corp - European Champions Alliance
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Nano Corp

Cybersecurity, France, Start-up/Scale-up

IT infrastructure is changing, always. From on-premise to the cloud, from server to edge, computer to IOT. One segment remains constant: the network. At NANO Corp we keep the network visible, understandable, operational and secure. Undisputed European Leader in network probes, NANO Corp. is the only french company to have developed its own in-house network probe. Certified at 100Gbit/s by Spirent Communications, our network probe, running in full-CPU at L2/L7, is the only technology to achieve such a high level of performance in Europe and in the world, while also being light. Our team’s high level of expertise and requirements can be found both in the very heart of NANO Corp.’s technology as well as in all its products. Combined with its large skills in the field of cybersecurity, NANO Corp. is the only company today to be able to offer network analysis tools as-a-service and to participate so actively in securing networks.

More information here on their website.