Red Alert Labs - European Champions Alliance
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Red Alert Labs

Cybersecurity, France, Start-up/Scale-up

Red Alert Labs’ mission is to bring trust to the IoT by providing IoT Security Assurance & Certification Services designed to help manufacturers, service providers, and customers take a more informed decision when buying or selling IoT products.

The company provides Security Consulting, Security Audit, Training Services and the 1st Worldwide IoT Security & Certification Software Platform.

Red Alert Labs is an IoT security provider helping organizations trust IoT solutions throughout their entire life-cycle.

It provides a fully comprehensive IoT security by design, risk management, audit & certification services supported by automated processes.

The start-up created the 1st Worldwide IoT security & certification software platform and a unique specialized and independent IoT security lab with a disruptive business offer solving the technical and commercial challenges in IoT.

Red Alert Labs’ framework covers the whole IoT solution from Chip to Cloud, is business context-driven and offers proper security dimensioning with respect to the customer’s maturity.

The company provides standard security certifications or dedicated IoT security label based on its in-house security risk analysis, security testing intelligence, automation and security profiles.

Red Alert Labs’ partners turn to us at any stage of the IoT product/solution life-cycle to benefit from our special expertise in IoT security and full mastering of compliance and regulations.