TEHTRIS - European Champions Alliance
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TEHTRIS is a company founded in 2010, expert in cybersecurity and publisher of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, deployed in many business lines all around the world. Our products protect companies, from multinationals to small businesses and are easy to install. TEHTRIS consultants master attacker techniques and methods (hackers, strategic intelligence, computer warfare, etc.) and create the necessary resources to counter advanced cyber threats.

TEHTRIS accompanies companies from the elaboration of a cyber defence strategy, to the real-time monitoring of alerts, to technical and legal advice in the face of threats, helping them control the risks and tame the unknown.

Reliable and ergonomic, all of TEHTRIS’ solutions have been created in-house and designed to be scalable and modular according to customer requirements. Th company’s efficiency is guaranteed by its innovative design and worldwide presence.

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Cybersecurity, France, Start-up/Scale-up