Focus Group Enabling Innovation in Europe - European Champions Alliance
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Focus Group Enabling Innovation in Europe

Our Goal:

Improve the innovation capacity of the European ecosystem


We are convinced that focusing on Innovation at every scale is the best way to give birth to European tech champions, and that multicultural innovation is a powerful tool.

Thus, by clustering a complimentary pool of innovation experts from multiple cultures, we aim at formulating concrete and systemic propositions to improve the Innovation capacity of the European ecosystem. We also want to grow a greatly innovative network, focused on concrete actions to help European scale-ups.


  • We’ll explore best practices in deploying innovation processes at country and European level
  • We’ll express the most important pain points in deploying a pan-European innovation process, and imagine solutions to solve them
  • We’ll Identify the best ways to take advantage of European cultural diversity to improve scale-ups Innovation capacity
  • We’ll find out how to create innovation value by combining local and European scale thinking
  • We’ll identify the best Innovation experts to help European Champions Alliance members to structure and accelerate their Innovation

Do you want to join this focus group?

If you want to be part of this focus group please write to: welcome @

Download our European Cluster Mapping