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Focus group Mobility

General information

The European Champions Alliance is a for-impact initiative lead by a group of French, German, Austrian and Swiss entrepreneurial and multi-competences experts, who wants to drive a culture change in how we collaborate across Europe. The ECA builds cross-border bridges between Scale-Ups, SME’s, Corporates, Institutions; Civil Society Organisations, Academia and the supporters of the Tech ecosystem in Europe to harness the power of smart collaboration and support the growth of European digital champions.

What is a Focus Group ?


A Focus Group is a group of industry experts and professionals that are motivated to leverage smart collaboration to support the growth of European champions in their sector or field of expertise. The Mobility focus group is led by Saskia Roch, Senior Consultant at elaborate GmbH and passionate European


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Focus Group Smart Mobility


  • Defined the vision and scope of the Smart Mobility Focus Group


  • Host a kickoff meeting and gathered insights from our network

Current Focus:

  • Sharpening the focus for the first mapping


  • Gathering members in order to build a core team around the topic

Future Impact:

  • Shaping the roadmap for 2022
  • Work on events and publications with our partner Via ID
  • Fostering collaboration across the mobility sector with companies of all sizes and individual experts

What we are looking for

The challenges that the mobility industry faces are multiple. From environmental to economic and social issues. We think that collaboration throughout Europe is a must and the answer will happen at the intersection of all the different stakeholders. If you are looking for solutions, too: get involved to discuss exciting European topics!

We are looking for:


  • Companies and individual experts who want to share their experience to find common solutions on mobility issues.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to share their challenges growing in Europe
  • Corporates looking for partner to accelerate their development

Together we will launch a core team to identify practical solutions and to strengthen the mobility ecosystem.

Our Mobility Focus Group members

“I see exchange and collaboration as key to Europe’s future – among countries, companies and people.”

Our Focus Group leader, Saskia Roch, is  digital consultant. She is  fascinated by technological solutions and creative innovation. She is currently based in Duesseldorf/Germany but has lived in many European places such as Paris, Amsterdam and Switzerland and considers herself truly European.

“Mobility is a key issue in our lives and is now facing disruption. This is also the chance to pave the way for the future generations. Let’s us drive the change.”

Xavier relies on a long experience in the automotive sector. He has consecutively worked for Renault, Peugeot and the PSA Group in different Sales and Business Development roles. After having been managing director of a metrologic company he finally joined the Volkswagen group to launch a a rental company at MAN Truck & Bus. He’s now working on a project about electromobility.

” I want to support European innovation in the direction of sustainability.”

Ewald is an executive assistant at the ECA and studies  political science. He thinks that mobility is an essential factor for the development of a well functioning economy and society . That’s why he is  working in the smart mobility Focus Group, in order to promote European mobility champions in the sense of more sustainability. He is currently in home office and based in Berlin. 

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