Paneuropean Cybersecurity Campaign 2021 - European Champions Alliance
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Paneuropean Cybersecurity Campaign 2021

The ECA is launching an exclusive, pan-European cybersecurity awareness campaign

crowd-funded by its members and friends!


We’ll promote European Cybersecurity solutions against the multiplication of cyber threats! As we all know, 2020 has seen an explosion of ransomware and other cyber attacks. Amounts extorted via ransomware have climbed more than 350% over the previous year. Moreover, the attack against SolarWinds in the USA has shown, if necessary, how thorough and industrialised these attacks have become. Not to talk of the recent stealing of so many Facebook accounts.


We at the ECA think the time has come to engage in an ambitious campaign to convince decision-makers, across Europe, that they should invest now in cybersecurity protection, better than have their company severely disrupted tomorrow. We think they can find in the European Cybersecurity industry all the solutions they need to strengthen their assets’ protection.


Please join us now in this campaign

where more than 100 European Cybersecurity companies

will join forces to reach out to decision-makers!


Until July 2021, we will hammer messages, be massively present in the media as well as in social networks. We’ll display a handbook of the solutions designed by participating companies and will provide you with high visibility and potentially great ways of lead generation.

To be part of the campaign, please fill out the survey below until May 25th!!

Targeting more than 1 000 CSOs and CISO across Europe


We want this campaign to trigger purchase decisions and will contact more than 1 000 decision-makers (especially CSOs and CISOs) throughout Europe. Trust in products and in Cybersecurity companies is the key basis on which decision-makers make choices.


The ECA intends to build a small group of CISOs in order to issue advice on the products provided by participating cyber companies. No doubt such a process will reinforce the visibility and good reputation of your products.


Do not hesitate to relay this campaign and its messages to your customers, prospects, CISOs known to you. And let us know about these CISOs you know if you think they could join the assessment group.


For questions on this campaign please contact us