Focus Group Smart Industry - European Champions Alliance
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Focus Group Smart Industry

Our Goal:

Facilitate the development of a trustworthy European industrial ecosystem



Build a network of different actors such as investors, corporates, consultants, and talented scale-ups to bring up European solutions to our industrial sector.


  • Share experience and solutions: this group is all about networking, talking about our concrete problems (e.g. data storage) in order to share best practices and find common solutions.


  • Network: we bring all different kinds of actors together, with an emphasis on industrial issues. This network is above all European and not only national in order to push talented entrepreneurs.


  • Concrete actions: this group is not a think-tank but a place to do and build a common project. It begins by creating a European map of all promising actors for Industry 4.0 and by putting in contact scale-ups with corporates to share their experiences and challenges.

Foster the growth of our European Industrial Ecosystem


  • CONNECT: We connect growing companies with the relevant decision-makers (European purchasing issues)


  • PARTNER: Together with our partners, we’ll help connect relevant and industry-specific initiatives and companies in Europe to support smart collaboration and cross-border partnerships of all types.


  • PROMOTE: We’ll promote the European Industrial Ecosystem in Europe and beyond.


Mapping the Industrial offer across Europe

Identify the most promising carriers of this offer and to facilitate their development across Europe. This mapping is based on criteria and sub-domains of activity. Companies should have reached or exceeded a level of maturity.

Please contact us at welcome @ if you would like to join this focus group!

Smart Industry News and Events

Interviewed by Mika Kübler Why is it important that we think more European in the area of ​​Smart Industry? It’s a matter of competition. China and the US have a critical mass in terms of market size that allows them to develop products and amortize......

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“I had the privilege to interview the two ECA Smart Industry focus group leaders, Ingo Franz and Philippe Herbert. We discussed issues surrounding the Smart Industry topic, the European ecosystem’s specificity, sovereignty on a global scope.” Emma Neige – Strategic Partnerships and communication for ECA......

ondeso develops software specifically in the fields industry 4.0 and digitalization. No matter whether the client is a production company or a machine manufacturer, a medium-sized business, or a corporate group – ondeso supports them specifically in the field of IT operating management and security......

MEXS was founded in the industrial region of southern Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Their goal was to develop a digital platform for medium-sized companies in order to support their transformation into 4.0 Industries.   MEXS offers safe and connected conversational platforms for Medium-sized companies and industrial leaders......