The German corporate Infineon Technologies AG joins the European Champions Alliance to strengthen the European smart industry ecosystem - European Champions Alliance
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The German corporate Infineon Technologies AG joins the European Champions Alliance to strengthen the European smart industry ecosystem

The German corporate Infineon Technologies AG joins the European Champions Alliance to strengthen the European smart industry ecosystem

The European Champions Alliance team is very proud to have won InfineonTechnologies AG, one of the leading German technology companies, as a Corporate Member. 


Infineon Technologies AG – leading global supplier of semiconductor solutions

Infineon Technologies AG is a leading global provider of semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and more environmentally friendly. With approximately 46,700 employees worldwide, including approximately 9,200 in research and development, the company generated revenues of slightly more than Euro 8.5 billion in the fiscal year 2020. With the acquisition of the U.S. Cypress Semiconductor Corporation in April 2020, Infineon is now one of the ten largest semiconductor companies worldwide.

Infineon’s main business areas and fields of application are Automotive, Industrial Power Control, Power & Sensor Systems and Connected Secure Systems.


What Infineon and the ECA will accomplish together

Together, Infineon and the European Champions Alliance want to promote European technologies and connect the broad innovation network of Infineon and the ECA. Infineon would like to make its innovation activities better known in ECA’s target markets and cooperate with great European start-ups and scale-ups, especially areas like smart industry, automotive, security, energy efficiency and other sectors.  

As one of the first corporate members of the ECA, Infineon’s innovation team also contributes strongly to the strategic orientation of association. 

“As a global technology company with strong European roots, the promotion of the European technology landscape is particularly important to us. We share the goals and values of the European Champions Alliance and look forward to developing exciting projects together in many areas. The rapidly growing network of the European Champions Alliance seems ideal for this and we are happy to actively support the European technology scene.” Lamin Ben-Hamdane, Head of Start-Up Cooperation 


Infineon aspires to cooperate with startups in the following areas

Innovation and Partnerships are part of Infineon‘s DNA. Infineon’s products address global challenges such as climate & demographic change, urbanization and digital transformation.

Collaborating with Startups helps Infineon to speed up innovation and drive tomorrow‘s solutions. 

Hardware-based solutions: 

Infineon develops best-in-class sensors, power electronics, microcontrollers and security solutions for a broad range of areas as e.g. automotive, consumer & industrial products and energy distribution infrastructure. We seek startups that develop new hardware products that can leverage the unique capabilities of our products.

Semiconductor technology: 

Semiconductors are our core business. Are you a startup that works on technologies that enable next-generation semiconductors, e.g. GaN/SiC semiconductors, MEMS, or other innovative technologies?

Embedded Software: 

Next-generation smart devices leverage an optimized combination of hardware and software. Infineon seeks startups that develop software which combined with our products enable new features.

Advanced productivity: 

Infineon has a global network of semiconductor fabs and a complex supply chain. Startups with solutions that improve the productivity and efficiency of our operations are in focus. Startups in this area ideally have already a first product on the market.    


Learn more about Infineon here:

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Andrea Vaugan