Digital Champions CEE 2024 - European Champions Alliance
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Digital Champions CEE 2024

Digital Champions CEE 2024

The Digital Poland Foundation has published its annual report ranking the top 100 most valued digital champions in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). 

The digital economy in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is booming, driven by robust growth and dynamic investment. 

The valuation of CEE’s top 100 digital champions has jumped from USD 75.97 billion to USD 106.95 billion, reflecting the strength of the private equity sector and the vitality of the venture capital industry. By 2023, the number of “Digital Phoenixes” (technology companies worth more than USD 1 billion) has risen from 20 to 31, testifying to the resilience and growth potential of the region’s digital economy.

The war in Ukraine has heightened the importance of cybersecurity and dual-use technologies, with 7 digital champions addressing these challenges.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) model accounts for 28% of digital champions, notably with AI and cloud-based tools. Artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role in facilitating growth and disruption across all sectors, opening up new opportunities for digital businesses.

The ranking inspires,

The Digital Champions ranking highlights the most valuable technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe, enhancing visibility and data transparency for global investors. 

The ranking inspires European entrepreneurs and promotes meaningful integration and networking between CEE countries. By focusing on digitization and innovation, the region is moving closer to Western European standards, attracting more international capital.

Foreign investors are attracted by the region’s skilled workforce and competitive advantages in sectors such as manufacturing, IT services and business process outsourcing. The success of CEE technology companies, supported by structural reforms and growing domestic consumption, creates a favorable business environment.

However, investors need to navigate cautiously in the face of political and geographical challenges to capitalize on promising opportunities.

With a booming digital economy, robust investment, and rapid adoption of AI, CEE’s digital champions are well positioned to transform Europe’s digital future.

To find out more, you can download the ranking right here!




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