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European Cybersecurity Campaign – Opinions and Experiences

European Cybersecurity Campaign – Opinions and Experiences

Response by our member Tehtris to the European Cybersecurity Campaign

The benefits of European solutions vs non-European and insights from TEHTRIS on placing innovation and research well above promotion


Just like we were among the first members of the E C A, taking part in the Cybersecurity campaign, promoting European solutions for companies and administrations was a no-brainer for us.

There is an ecosystem of European cybersecurity companies, capable of ensuring a 360° and 24/7 protection of companies. Performance and innovation are at par with, or even superior to, non European solutions with additional benefits

– creating local jobs and Champions in Europe

– ethical coding and European hosting of data

– no backdoor (as per the ENISA requirements)

– compliance to GDPR

– local teams serving clients

Research and innovation have been at the heart of TEHTRIS’ strategy since the beginning in 2010: performance has always been and will always be first and above promotion.  Our teams are dedicated to our mission: the protection of IT and OT, cloud and networks against all cyberattacks.

As a result, we are happy to share that our clients advocate for us, stating that right after set-up the TEHTRIS XDR Platform spotted attacks that their former non-European solution hadn’t detected. “


Tehtris on XDR Technology


The threat landscape is constantly changing. For worse and for better. In the face of this constant evolution, the needs expressed by companies are changing. There is also a more insidious and harmful risk of espionage in the long term, with a very negative impact on the innovation and competitiveness of our companies and administrations.

A risk-based approach must be adapted to all industries and their needs. Defenders have understood this and are finding solutions to protect all companies. The XDR technology is one of these solutions.

It is essential to have tools that provide a holistic view of activity on networks, systems, cloud, but also to simultaneously protect workstations, servers, ...


Let’s look at this innovative technology and how it works, its advantages and how it can help in the fight against cyberattacks!

What is XDR technology?

TEHTRIS was the pioneer in Europe. After more than 8 years of deployments, we are now able to offer an XDR platform recognized in more than 100 countries.

But what do we mean by the XDR solution?

The XDR infrastructure is the way to extend EDR capabilities. While the Endpoint Detection and Response focuses on endpoints and acts on detection and blocking, the eXtended Detection and Response platform monitors a layer of security beyond the endpoint, including the network, cloud, FW, etc., via other building blocks that TEHTRIS offers, such as NTA, MTD, etc. It’s a more comprehensive approach.

It is essential to have tools that provide a holistic view of activity on networks, systems, cloud, but also to simultaneously protect workstations, servers, … Current cybersecurity solutions must also allow the detection of increasingly advanced threats and suspicious behavior, capitalizing on artificial intelligence and its algorithms, international databases, and like the TEHTRIS XDR Platform effectively neutralize attacks in real-time, without human intervention.


Find out more about Tehtris on their website or on their LinkedIn

Andrea Vaugan