New member: Cybelius - European Champions Alliance
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New member: Cybelius

New member: Cybelius

Cybelius is the first industrial cybersecurity solutions provider, designed to ensure the operational continuity of SCADA and ICS networks for Critical Infrastructure (energy, water, transport…), Manufacturers and all the industry. Cybelius development team, made of experienced SCADA and Cybersecurity experts, can meet all your cybersecurity issues.

Cybelius’s passive solutions are CyPRES (a cyberattack detection probe) and CyFENCE (a secure interface between IT and OT). They are designed to avoid downtime, process manipulation, or theft of sensitive proprietary information. Facing many new cyber threats, manufacturers must react and protect their assets! Cybelius’​ solutions are here to meet this challenge.

Frédéric Planchon is an engineer by training, specializing in electrical engineering and computer science. He has developed several industrial IT systems during his career, including the first system for the ALSTOM T&D group. His expertise in industrial cybersecurity is applied to critical projects with an international dimension in the energy and industry sectors. With the financial support of the European Commission, Frédéric Planchon is developing a cybersecurity solution for industrial networks: an IDS probe that detects anomalies and intrusions thanks to a system behavioral analysis. Frédéric Planchon is a trainer on the subject of cybersecurity for industrial systems for automation specialists, IT managers, and project leaders.

More information about Cybelius over here:

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