New member: EGERIE - European Champions Alliance
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New member: EGERIE

New member: EGERIE

Cyber-attacks are steadily growing in terms of frequency, intelligence, visibility, and the measured impact on business activities. The “good news” is that, so strategic has this issue become, it is becoming more and more difficult for decision-makers to ignore the threat.

Cybersecurity is though becoming a real board-level strategic issue and it must be addressed with an efficient, planned, and concerted risk management approach to enable them to make informed decisions to counter these threats.

Controlling cyber risk allows any properly resilient and prepared company to meet regulatory compliance, innovation, and operational performance objectives.  

EGERIE is the European leading software company providing cyber risk management.

EGERIE offers a collaborative platform allowing a global, agile, and structured approach for the governance, management and compliance of cybersecurity risks and protection of personal data.

Recognized by the highest governmental and regulatory authorities, EGERIE’s technology enables companies and government organizations to understand how they are exposed to risks and support them in helping to make decisions and determining the security measures to be implemented.

Because innovation requires a vision of the future. At EGERIE, these are the values that have driven us forward since our entrepreneurial adventure began. These profound convictions give rise to major innovations by generating trust and collective intelligence.

At the heart of the European Champions Alliance (ECA), together, we will build an ambitious, virtuous, and successful cyber circle.

Andrea Vaugan