New member: Tenzir - European Champions Alliance
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New member: Tenzir

New member: Tenzir

About Tenzir:

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Tenzir is an open-core company committed to data-centric decision support for security operations. Tenzir’s customers include large enterprises and managed security service providers.

Tenzir empowers defenders by developing an open security analytics platform that automates detection and investigation of attacks. Unique to this solution is that it gives security architects choice when composing tools along the visibility, detection, and response lifecycle. Tenzir’s mission is to make the Internet safer by providing a federated and autonomous defense system that ranges from the edge deep into the core of every network.

Fabien is driven by a constant curiosity and insatiable appetite to learn, improve and share. During his career, he gathered expertise in various sectors, in roles balanced from red to blue teams. In his latest endeavor, he focused on reconciling humans with the complexity of security operations. This lead to the development of collaborative analysis initiatives, and joining Tenzir to offer a best-in-class open-core security telemetry platform. 


Andrea Vaugan