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Pan-European Cybersecurity Campaign – Opinions and Experiences

Pan-European Cybersecurity Campaign – Opinions and Experiences

Response of our member Nect to the core messages no.4 and 6 of the Campaign


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Message No.4:
European Cybersecurity Companies have matured and learned from numerous experiences. They are fit for scaling up, deliver enterprise-grade products as well as services, and support large-scale deployment and maintenance

Use Case:

2020 meant Nect’s entry into e-government. The digitization of public administration had to be implemented unexpectedly at short notice in many areas due to the Corona pandemic. The Federal Employment Agency, for example, also had to act quickly and nevertheless in a customer-oriented manner. The challenge? The collapse in sales at many companies caused by the Corona pandemic had and still has serious consequences: Layoffs, short-time work and unemployment. As a result, the Federal Employment Agency had to deal with an above-average number of new registrations. At the same time, in-person office visits should be reduced as much as possible to curb Covid-19. Therefore, a digital solution for identifying applicants was needed. Not only did it have to be quick to implement and meet the high security requirements, it also had to be as intuitive to use as possible and flexibly scalable. Therefore, the decision was made in favor of Nect’s Selfie-Ident. At that time, Nect was able to perform up to 3,500 successful identifications per hour by using their Robo-Ident technology. In the meantime, Nect has been able to increase this number to up to 5,000 per hour. Further adaptation is possible at any time. The Hamburg online magazine Hamburg News mentioned in their article that Nect has proven to be a supporter with its technology, during the crisis. 

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Message no. 6:
ECCs live in an environment of high-level and demanding certifications, providing a technical and quality standards warranty. Ongoing evolution towards European-level certification criteria increases pan-European validity of such warranty.

Use Case:

An increasingly fast-paced dynamic dominates both regulated and unregulated industries and companies within the digital ecosystem. In a time of change and dwindling transparency, it is a must for every business, customer and consumer to be assured that their data is protected and will not fall victim to misuse. 

To ensure this, technical standards that shape the rapidly growing digital cybersecurity ecosystem apply. The hotly debated topic of a pan-European ID wallet shows the challenges facing society, companies and government and how important it is to define and implement secure technology. The balancing act that must be mastered here is between conforming to the security standard and maintaining good usability and customer experience. Simple, appealing and intuitive usability must be combined with high security standards. 

The highest asset of any cybersecurity company is the trust of the customer. To gain this trust, it is important that companies can demonstrate the certifications it needs to fully meet security standards. Certifications that prove the security of a technology. For this purpose, demanding criteria are established that offer consumers the guarantee that their data is protected. With the appropriate certification, a company achieves a new standard and can operate throughout Europe. This gives companies the opportunity to expand markets and conquer new industries, both at B2B and B2C level. 

Trust is also a top priority for Nect. Complete in-house development and independence from a third-party provider as well as three ISO-certified data centers in Germany ensure data protection. The patented Robo-Ident technology is a certified eIDAS trust module that allows us at Nect to offer secure and qualified online identification not only within Germany, but also in the European market. The challenging time of the pandemic has shown how fast and easy an implementation and handling has to work for the consumer. Nect’s Selfie-Ident offers simple, secure and fully automated identification in regulated industries such as insurance and health insurance, but also in other industries such as the automotive sector, the sharing economy or in the context of age verification. Thanks to our proprietary infrastructure and certified quality, we can build the trust our customers need to feel secure in an ever-growing cyber landscape


Operating out of Hamburg, Germany, Nect is a producer of Online Identification Technology

Andrea Vaugan