The ECA Cybersecurity Guide: 10 recommendations for decision-makers - European Champions Alliance
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The ECA Cybersecurity Guide: 10 recommendations for decision-makers

The ECA Cybersecurity Guide: 10 recommendations for decision-makers

In July 2020, the European Champions Alliance (ECA) published the first version of its Cybersecurity Mapping. Since then, our organisation has been attracting first members from the European cybersecurity sector and has actively shaped the European cybersecurity ecosystem.

As a contribution to its objective of promoting European champions for digital products, in particular for cybersecurity, the ECA wishes to bring useful information to decision-makers and buying-officers of cybersecurity systems. Therefore the ECA is pleased to publish “ECA Cybersecurity Guide: 10 recommendations for decision-makers”. 

What you will find in this guide: 

  1. The guide establishes concrete and actionable recommendations regarding the 10 most frequent and malicious cyber attacks you can face as an organization. 
  2. The guide presents European solution providers battling such threats. To date, the European countries represented inside are France, Germany, and Switzerland.


Any comments, requests for clarification or other questions, should be addressed to Dominique Tessier, the host of our Cybersecurity Focus group. 

For questions, comments and ideas on how to make this guide even better, please contacts us.

Andrea Vaugan