Dynamics of French Venture & Growth Capital 2023 - European Champions Alliance
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Dynamics of French Venture & Growth Capital 2023

Dynamics of French Venture & Growth Capital 2023

Dynamics of French Venture & Growth Capital 2023

France Invest’s latest report on the 2023 activities of venture and growth funds sheds light on significant trends and shifts in the French investment landscape. Here’s what you need to know on the Dynamics of French Venture & Growth Capital 2023:

Key Findings:

  • Investment Slowdown: The overall market has seen a downturn, with large-scale investments particularly impacted. The growth sector experienced the steepest decline, with investments over €15M nearly halving compared to the previous period. However, smaller-scale investments remained robust, showing the sector’s resilience.
  • Capital Raising Trends: In contrast to the slowing investment pace, capital raising activities, while also experiencing a slowdown, have maintained a strong presence. 2023 saw €3.6 billion raised, with significant contributions from individual investors and family offices, signaling a shift in traditional funding sources.
  • Sustained Economic Impact: Despite current challenges, the venture and growth segments continue to significantly bolster the French economy, supporting numerous startups and contributing to job creation across the country.

Detailed Breakdown:

  • Investments: A total of €3.6 billion was invested across 1,319 startups, indicating a shift towards supporting existing portfolio companies through smaller ticket sizes. This strategic focus aims to nurture long-term growth within the ecosystem.
  • Capital Raising: The amount raised stood at €3.6 billion, with a remarkable resilience shown by individual and family office investors, who have become increasingly prominent in the venture and growth funding landscape.

Looking Forward:

The French venture and growth sectors are adapting to a more challenging economic environment by prioritizing sustainable growth and diversifying their funding sources. This strategy not only supports startups but also ensures a robust infrastructure for future innovation.


The Dynamics of French Venture & Growth Capital 2023 report by France Invest highlights both the challenges and the resilience within the French venture and growth markets. As these segments adapt to new economic realities, they continue to play a crucial role in driving innovation and economic growth.

For more insights and a full understanding of the study, download the complete report here and check out the official press release.


Andrea Vaugan