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Cybersecurity: protect your operations and act now!

Cybersecurity: protect your operations and act now!

Do not ask for whom the Cybersecurity bell tolls, it tolls for you!

By the end of last year, we have seen a well-known US company, SolarWinds, be hacked. That was the result of a thorough, industrial, well-built process. Not only the company itself was hacked, but also its customers, among which many of the most important Federal agencies. So far no one knows to what extension.

Early this year, it was the turn of Stormshield, a renowned Cybersecurity European company. Hackers are said to have stolen some pieces of Cyber protection source code.

A few days after, by the 2nd half of February, 3 French hospitals were attacked by ransomware. As the Information system went down, health operations were disrupted of severely disabled for a while.

Some days ago, Microsoft users have been warned that faults on Exchange servers could have led to a compromise. The Cyber Threat Alliance has issued recommendations on how to tackle the problem, the least that can be said is that it’s not a simple walk around.

Not to talk about the attacks against some US federal IT systems, possibly attributable to hostile states.

That’s the way it goes. Cybercriminality is serious. Cybercriminality is no more a game. It’s an industry. It’s backed by investors having deep pockets, as the return is expected to be high. These people are either out for your money, or to disrupt essential activities.

In Europe, it’s time for CIOs, for CEOs, to listen to the warnings. Stop thinking the next missile will hit your neighbor. It may hurt your company.

The ECA thinks decision-makers must do something to prevent hackers and ransomers to disrupt their operations. And we also think European Cybersecurity companies provide all the means to set up this protection.

Ms decision-maker, Mr decision-maker: do not ask for whom the bell tolls … Act now.

Dominique Tessier, Cybersecurity focus group leader


Andrea Vaugan