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Cybersecurity recommendation | 5 | Beware of malicious emails

Cybersecurity recommendation | 5 | Beware of malicious emails

The problem:

Attacks designed to claim a ransom are spreading out. Many of them start with the distribution of emails to employees, apparently innocent but in fact malicious. Are our email boxes protected against phishing and malware?

Of course, the protection against malicious emails starts with staff education and generalized awareness. This being said, it happens and will happen that employees open compromised emails.

4 key recommendations you should keep in mind

  1. Malicious emails remain one main door into your information system. Don’t let this door open!
  2. Staff awareness is very important, it must be developed and regularly checked.
  3. However, hackers will continue trying to come in. So better if you have a system that

    detects abnormal content in an email and stops it.

  4. You may also want to make sure emails are sent only to the right receivers, and that, conversely, receivers can be sure of the origin of their emails. In some cases, encrypting emails can be a plus.


Download and consult our Cybersecurity Guide for more recommendations: 

Andrea Vaugan