Our members have attended GITEC DUBAI, and they have been noticed! - European Champions Alliance
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Our members have attended GITEC DUBAI, and they have been noticed!

Our members have attended GITEC DUBAI, and they have been noticed!

This year’s GISEC has proven to be a hotspot for groundbreaking developments and strategic alliances in cybersecurity. From innovative on-premises EDR solutions to advanced threat detection systems, the event showcased the dynamic evolution of cybersecurity technologies and the commitment of industry leaders to secure digital infrastructures against increasingly sophisticated threats.

SEKOIA and CPX Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Cyber Threat Intelligence in the UAE

SEKOIA, a leader in European cybersecurity technology, has officially partnered with CPX, a prominent cybersecurity services company in the UAE. This collaboration aims to meet the increasing demand for cutting-edge cyber threat intelligence (CTI) solutions in the Middle East.

CPX has launched a new threat detection and response service, powered by SEKOIA.io’s advanced CTI capabilities. This partnership will provide more effective insights and protections against cyber threats for clients throughout the region. “Together, we will enhance our clients’ security posture by providing superior threat intelligence and defensive measures,” stated a CPX spokesperson.


HarfangLab Showcases Innovative EDR Technology at GISEC, Dubai

During the prestigious GISEC event in Dubai, HarfangLab made a significant impact, engaging actively with clients and exploring new partnerships. Tanguy Steeg, International Sales Director at HarfangLab, expressed excitement about the event: “We are excited to announce that HarfangLab is making a significant impact at the GISEC in Dubai, until Thursday! Our team is engaging with clients, forging new partnerships, and discussing opportunities with potential prospects. A key highlight has been the strong interest in our unique differentiator: the on-premises deployment option of our EDR technology. This feature is particularly valued by sensitive organizations looking for enhanced control and security within their IT environments. HarfangLab is committed to strengthening strategic autonomy in the region, providing robust defenses against cyber threats with our innovative EDR solutions

Furthermore, as the event concluded, HarfangLab announced a strategic partnership with Cyber 50 Defense, a UAE-based cybersecurity service company. “Our alliance with HarfangLab introduces next-gen Endpoint Detection and Response solutions to the market, setting a new standard in threat detection and mitigation with their military-grade technology,” remarked a representative from Cyber 50 Defense. “Together, we are transforming the cybersecurity landscape, ensuring organizations are well-prepared against the evolving threats.”


MITIGANT Impressively Demonstrates Cloud Security Innovations

MITIGANT also took center stage at the event, presenting their innovative system designed to detect misconfigurations in the cloud. Their presentation was attended by distinguished guests, including the Prime Minister of Dubai, and notably, MITIGANT has advanced to the final round in a competition recognizing the best startups.


EXEO’s Presence at GISEC

EXEO, another key player in the cybersecurity sector, participated in the GISEC event. While details of their activities were less highlighted, their presence underscores the importance of the event as a hub for cybersecurity advancements.

Andrea Vaugan