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European Cybersecurity Campaign – Opinions and Experiences

European Cybersecurity Campaign – Opinions and Experiences

Response by our member Advens to the European Cybersecurity Campaign

Messages we wanted to illustrate 


  1. Taken together, European Cybersecurity Companies cover the whole range of Cyberthreats: from industrial control systems to IT systems, from ID and access management to threat detection and response, from on-prem to cloud environment, from mobile devices to workstations. 
  2. European Cybersecurity Companies have matured and learned from numerous experiences. They are fit for scaling up, deliver enterprise-grade products as well as services, and support large-scale deployment and maintenance. 


Advens´ story 

Helping our customers to face cyber-attacks 

Advens is the first French cybersecurity pure player. For more than twenty years, our services have helped numerous organisations (private companies and public service agencies) to define, enhance and implement their cybersecurity policy. We serve 300+ customers in France and we began our European growth with Benelux. 

Our services cover a large range of cybersecurity challenges. We wanted to share the way we helped many organisations to face ransomware attacks in 2020 and 2021. While under attack, an organisation has reached us to get some urgent assistance. Our CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) has been involved to handle the crisis (EMOTET malware infection). Our experts directly went to the victim offices to understand the situation, get required information to perform the investigations and define the right reaction process. We managed the crisis hand in hand with the organisation (that quickly became a new Advens client). From media & communication guidelines to forensic operations, our CERT has been present 24/24 during the first days of the attack. 

We wanted to share the way we helped many organisations to face ransomware attacks in 2020 and 2021.


We quickly identified the need for a solution to gain visibility on the attacked perimeter. That’s why our team deployed an EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) provided by one of our editors’ partners. Within 3 days, the whole list of assets (PC and servers) was protected by the EDR. It really helped to understand the attack and get the list of infected assets. But it has been more than useful for the reaction as EDR provides efficient features to block an attack and protect IT systems.

Considering the effectiveness of the solution, and the need to strengthen their detect & react capabilities, the attacked organization quickly decided to keep its EDR. They asked Advens to manage the solution through Advens Security-as-a-Service approach based on our SOC. We provide a global and comprehensive service to protect an organization and to help handle security events and incidents. EDR-as-a-Service, a service line of our Advens Security-as-a-Service offering, is an efficient and agile way to protect your endpoints, and to lay the cornerstone of a modern SOC and a powerful Cyber-defence. 

Benjamin Leroux, Advens 

Find out more about Advens on their website or on their LinkedIn


Andrea Vaugan