The European Cybersecurity campaign is up and running ! - European Champions Alliance
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The European Cybersecurity campaign is up and running !

The European Cybersecurity campaign is up and running !

The participants in the campaign have agreed on a series of messages that will now be the basis of the campaign.

You will soon discover them on the campaign Website, which we invite you to visit regularly:

To set the tone, these messages are reinforced by a short poster with the goals that are assigned to the campaign. Discover them on the campaign Website!

Summer won’t be a quiet time as we will start building exchanges with decision-makers, on their expectations from the European Cybersecurity industry.

Then, our next public event will be during the FIC, in Lille on September 7-9, 2021.

Come and join us in our Forum, scheduled for September 7th at 2 pm. We will disclose the progress of the campaign. And organize a discussion between Cyber stakeholders on their vision of some key ongoing evolutions, in Cyber threats as well as in responses to block them.

Andrea Vaugan