GP Bullhound Titans of Tech 2020 - European Champions Alliance
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GP Bullhound Titans of Tech 2020

GP Bullhound Titans of Tech 2020

We recommend this webinar replay: Titans of Tech 2020, organized by GP Bullhound


What is a Titan of Tech?

A “Titan of Tech” is a company that has or is expected to reach a valuation of over $50 Billion. GP Bullhound has tracked European Tech leaders since 2014 and found that the ecosystem has evolved. Indeed, faster growth is nowadays possible thanks to facilitated access to capital. Especially the sectors Fintech and Enterprise Software, for instance for Cybersecurity or Storage, are winning. In the Titans of Tech Webinar, which took place on the 2nd of July, GP Bullhound has presented it’s annual report documenting a strong European Tech Ecosystem

Is European Tech pandemic proof?

Whether European Tech would survive the pandemic’s consequences was the core question of the webinar. If you don’t want us to spoil it for you, you can scroll down to the end of the page to watch the webinar recording right away.

Otherwise, here are the key findings the ECA found in the very interesting report (quoting GP Bullhound):

  • The pandemic has enabled a wave of innovation in order to adapt to challenges and rates of tech adoption have been accelerated by 5 years
  • Working from home has been facilitated by digital services
  • Exiting time with great chances for entrepreneurs founding new businesses, and scaling existing ones even faster
  • The number of billion-dollar companies in European Tech has almost quadrupled since 2014
  • In the report, GP Bullhound identifies, in collaboration with Viva Technology (Europe’s biggest startup and tech event) the key European companies set to enter the billion-dollar tech ecosystem within the next three years
  • The report includes relevant insights from  the CEO of Synk, the founders of Acronis, Glovo, Intercom and Babylon, contenders Tessian, Alan and Qonto, and Julie Ranty, Managing Director of Viva Technology


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Andrea Vaugan