International Cybersecurity Forum 2023 - FIC 2023 - European Champions Alliance
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International Cybersecurity Forum 2023 – FIC 2023

International Cybersecurity Forum 2023 – FIC 2023

The ECA at FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum) 2023

The ECA had the pleasure of hosting the first-ever Cybersecurity German-French booth at FIC, on April 5-7. Our estimated partners were five companies, three German and two French:

BUILD38 (Mobile devices protection), EXEO (Cloud management and security), INFODAS (critical systems security), ISL (protection of IT infrastructures and services), REDALERLABS (Industrial systems OT/IIoT security). To set up this stand, we had the honour of being supported by TeleTrusT, the well-known German Cybersecurity association. Besides, we had the great pleasure of welcoming Ms Franziska Bock, of Teletrust, to our stand and exchanging views with her.

The atmosphere in our shared booth was studious and also very friendly. Speeches on different topics were regularly organized, either on the primary offering of our partners or on more « political » topics such as What do we expect of public order ?, or How to support the emergence of European Champions?

Additionally, the ECA hosted an excellent networking breakfast on Thursday with many partners—a good occasion for exchanging views on Cybersecurity hot topics and discussing Europe perspectives on this domain.

Most signific moments

In the hectic context of a very dense trade show, we found time to visit some ECA members’ stands, such as Tehtris, Atempo, TIXEO, EGERIE, Sekoia, and Vade. Further, we had the pleasure of following the invitation of our friend Marie de Freminville, Présidente du Cercle Suisse des Administratrices, to visit the Swiss Pavilion. In general, everywhere, we were struck by the creativity of young companies and by the evidence of international expansion which many Cybersecurity actors have undertaken.

No need to say that, while the attendance in general and the number of stands and visitors were matters of satisfaction, we were nevertheless struck by the absence of some vital French stakeholders (administrations directly involved). Cybersecurity is a crucial issue; one way or the other, we need a moment each year when professionals, customers, supervisory authorities, and investors meet and confront their views.

This FIC session was also the occasion for EU Commissioner Thierry Breton to expose his plans to enhance Cybersecurity at Union scale. Breton said that, along with high seas and Space, Digital space is now a « contested area » we must protect. He announced a European Cybersecurity Shield with four goals: protect, detect, defend and deter.

More in detail:

  • Protection thanks to a focus on critical technologies such as post-quantum encryption and standard regulations enforced (namely, Cyberresilience Act, NIS2, 5G Toolbox, and Cloud regulation).
  • Detection: detect new attacks much quicker, thanks to a network of SOCs working for Europe.
  • Defence: sharing information, setting up a European Cyber governance, and creating Cyber reserve forces able to help any country suffering a Cyberattack.
  • Deterrence: a standard policy of sanctions.

The ECA likes all these measures. We regret that the word « Industry » did not appear in Thierry Breton’s speech. There is no good Cyber shield if a robust European Cybersecurity industry does not feed it.

In the following, we publish a series of interviews from the event. These interviews provide valuable insights and perspectives from all five companies, ECA members and Franziska Bock (Teletrust).

Andrea Vaugan