Interview by Alliancy - Andrea Vaugan co-founder of the ECA - European Champions Alliance
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Interview by Alliancy – Andrea Vaugan co-founder of the ECA

Interview by Alliancy – Andrea Vaugan co-founder of the ECA

Published by Pierre Berthoux, journalist for Alliancy the digital marketing magazine, our very own Andrea Vaugan, co-founder of the European Champions Alliance was interviewed regarding our project to build tech ecosystems in Europe.

The article puts our objectives forward. The principal goal being, the creation of a tangible technologic ecosystem with young companies, mid-sized companies, big corporations or industrial experts around European values. European tech is a rich sector where commercial opportunities can lead to the emergence of great European actors. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do for it to thrive and unite.

Another one of our goals is dedicated to our members, going hand in hand with companies through an innovative an cooperative dynamic, displaying how this ecosystem can be a real springboard for growth.

Thus the interview introduces our objectives as well as our missions: reinforcing European innovation ecosystems and international collaboration. Also addressing the consequences of the current crisis on the European Tech ecosystem.

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Andrea Vaugan