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European Cybersecurity mapping.png


You can download the mapping at the end of this page.


Publishing the 2nd version of the ECA European Cybersecurity Start-up and Scale-up Mapping

The ECA has just published its version 2 of our mapping of the European Cybersecurity offering.

Compared to version 1 issued last July, this new mapping includes 40% more companies. France and Germany still lead in numbers, however, we are pleased to have new countries in.

We would like to thank all of those companies that have provided the information which is now on this mapping.

In a connected and digitalized world, Cybersecurity is key. It is key for business operation continuity. It is key for citizens, as so many ransomware attacks do not hesitate to target important public services like hospitals, city services, or universities. It is key for sovereignty, as attacks are more and more professionalized and can target vital infrastructures.

The good news is that European Cybersecurity made in Europe is covering all dimensions of these attacks: it stops malicious emails, prevents essential data from being hijacked, blocks ransomware and botnet attacks, helps to create a solid ID and access management, allows for secure file transmission and storage, protects videoconferences and homeworking. This European offering is rapidly developing, thanks to innovation, uncompromised quality, serious management. And the public authorities across Europe are more and more aware of the virtue of having solid European solutions.

The ECA Cybersecurity Focus group will make every effort to lean on this mapping to foster the Cybersecurity ecosystem and help develop its members.

We will welcome all comments and suggestions, they will help us continuously improve the efficiency of our actions.



To be strong and relevant, an ecosystem needs transparency, the members need to be aware of each other and ideally share the goal of collaboration and mutual support. The aim of the ECA Focus Groups is therefore to gather those stakeholders and to support networking, collaboration and joint business perspectives. 

A sectorial mapping of the most important members of the ecosystem is the starting point for all of our Focus Groups. We started with a restricted geographical focus, in this case, France + DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), and are in the process to enlarge it to the European level, now adding some companies from the Netherlands and the UK.

Key objectives of the mapping

  • Promote the European Cybersecurity offering and promote the European tech ecosystem in general
  • Connect the relevant stakeholders, invite them to get to know each other, learn from each other and collaborate
  • Raise awareness with potential buyers in all types of corporations on the best possibility to identify and acquire European Cybersecurity technology



The criteria for this mapping:


General criteria

  • All companies have their headquarter in Europe
  • Not all companies have full European funding, one of the topics we’d like to tackle


Dynamic scale up’s that 

  • have already achieved a significant turnover of several million €
  • consist of a significant team of more than 40 staff
  • are either profitably growing or have raised significant venture funding to secure future growth plans
  • should have the capacity to provide their technology at a European scale


We’ve also looked for start-up companies (watchlist)

  • with significant potential which have been able to attract A-round VC funding 
  • which are positioned on most innovative and novel fields of smart industry for our “Watchlist”
  • These Start-ups can be “future” European Champions driving innovation and disruption with new digital products and new approaches such as artificial intelligence



Click on this link to download the complete ECA European Cybersecurity Mapping V2. Have a good read and don’t hesitate to give us feedback!



We are looking for:

  • a European mapping software (not Google Maps) to provide geographical maps for better visualization
  • a database software with filter possibilities to provide access to the database our members

If you have ideas please write to us at

If you want to either modify your company’s information on this map or apply for your company to be included, you can fill out our Cybersecurity Survey here.

Another great way to get involved is to become an official ECA member! View all membership information and options on our website.

If you would like to express any other question or remark, you can get in contact with the European Champions Alliance by writing a mail to

Andrea Vaugan