Member interview: TEHTRIS - European Champions Alliance
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Member interview: TEHTRIS

Member interview: TEHTRIS

TEHTRIS is a strong promoter of XDR. Can you tell us what is behind this acronym? What are the reasons why customers turn to this technology?

XDR stands for eXtended Detection & Response, an acronym that is becoming very present
on the cybersecurity market. To be called an XDR platform, a cybersecurity solution must
bring together different modules to detect and respond to threats on several systems. Not all
offers currently on the market are comparable.
The TEHTRIS XDR Platform protects all the IT systems (IT and OT) of a company, with a
consolidated view, on a unified console. The main advantage of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform
is its hyper-automation, which allows a real-time response to threats, day and night, every
day. We have integrated sensors and robots enriched with artificial intelligence algorithms so
that the different modules can fight known and unknown threats.
We offer one of the rare solutions in the world that blocks real-time ransomware and spying

TEHTRIS has just completed very nice fundraising. What are you going to use it for?

Thank you very much! Indeed, it is a European record for a Series A in cybersecurity, and it
is above all for us the recognition of trustworthy investors. Our objective is to meet Europe’s
need for a global and powerful cybersecurity technology solution capable of addressing the
global market. To achieve this, we have identified 3 pillars with our investors: continuing the
search for technological excellence, developing our reputation, and strengthening our sales

How do you see the competition between the US and other suppliers, especially European suppliers, in the field of automated attack detection and automated orchestration of the response? How does a company such as TEHTRIS position itself vis-à-vis its US competitors?

We are in a very competitive market indeed, and that is quite healthy. It’s in the comparison
that you can see the difference! Our products are very well recognized during technical tests
and benefit from very strong word-of-mouth recommendations from our customers. Our
customers also express their appreciation of our technological strengths and our customer
service spirit in the Gartner Peer Insights reviews.
TEHTRIS is one of the best-in-class technology companies in cybersecurity. We are now
also working on marketing and certifications to highlight our strengths.

When you think of “international expansion”, without wanting to betray any secrets, what do you think of as a priority?

TEHTRIS solutions are, to date, operational in more than 70 countries. We already have
customers in Europe, North America and other areas. Our ambition is to increase our
international presence, and naturally, Europe is our priority. The first target countries are
also those closest to us, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, Spain and
Italy. The United Kingdom is also part of this first circle. Priorities have to be set, then our
ambitions are high, and we will continue more broadly in Europe and the rest of the world.
Of course, we remain open to opportunities!

TEHTRIS has recently shared that it is focusing on its product, to better co-act with
partners. Is it already possible to draw the first assessment of this orientation?

After a few months, the assessment is very positive on 2 aspects. First of all, several
international partners have managed to take our products into account and have added their
methods and know-how. The combination makes it possible to offer a high-performance final
service, with a virtuous model in which TEHTRIS is at the cutting edge of technology.
Moreover, TEHTRIS expertise on service is highly expected by our partners: we continue
providing a “layer”; of service, on the most critical elements, as would a “premium
manufacturer support”.

TEHTRIS has joined the ECA. Why has it joined? What do you expect from it?

Eléna POINCET and I founded TEHTRIS 10 years ago: already! At the time, we were just
coming out of a career as operational experts at the French Ministry of the Armed Forces,
working internationally, in the service of Peace and certain values. Our involvement in the
European Champions Alliance is the logical next step: we are deeply convinced! The
collaboration of our different countries for data protection, common rules, a common
currency and our shared history are all opportunities to build the synergies of tomorrow.
We do not believe in individualism, we adhere to the network spirit, to the alignment of
values, and above all, we fully identify with the dynamism and initiative of the European
Champions Alliance.

Andrea Vaugan