New member: Linagora - European Champions Alliance
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New member: Linagora

New member: Linagora

Born in 1977, Alexandre Zapolsky founded LINAGORA in 2000, which is considered the French champion of free software publishing and a key player in the French and European digital sovereignty.

A citizen entrepreneur and visionary, Alexandre Zapolsky defends the principle of a “3rd Digital Way”, respectful of users’ rights, ethical, inclusive, and sustainable, capable of providing an alternative to the
American or Chinese giants.

Inventing and developing ethical Free and Open Source Software to participate in changing the World with maximum positive impacts for humans, for society and for the planet.

Alexandre Zapolsky – Chairman and Co-Founder


TWAKE digital workplace Open Source developed by Linagora.

TWAKE is the reference Open Source digital workplace that gathers all the collaboration and communication tools for companies (email, video conferencing, messaging, file sharing, office suite).

Click here to know more about Twake. 



Andrea Vaugan