New Whitepaper: "Water Pollution - Plastic in the Ocean" ECA Members -
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New Whitepaper: “Water Pollution – Plastic in the Ocean”

New Whitepaper: “Water Pollution – Plastic in the Ocean”

Our new whitepaper “Water Pollution – Plastic in the Ocean” is finally out! 🌊 🌊 🌊


Together with the IMPACT FESTIVAL and with the U-Change tool Motherbase we are sharing our first whitepaper following the eight policy areas of the EU Green Deal: Clean energy, sustainable industry, building and renovation, farm to fork, eliminating pollution, biodiversity and sustainable mobility.

In this whitepaper, we will take a closer look at eliminating pollution and focusing more specifically on ocean plastic pollution.

Referring to our webinar ” Eliminating Pollution” earlier this year, we will present you with 12 start-ups that came up with innovative and promising ideas to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.

Download it & check it out here! 🤩

A big thanks to all participants. It was a pleasure to work on this together and we think the results are worth having a look at. 🙏

Happy reading! 🤓





Andrea Vaugan