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Our first European Booth at FIC – Where, Why, Who

Our first European Booth at FIC – Where, Why, Who

From April 5th to 7th, 2023, the ECA will attend the 15th edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) in Lille. This marks our first time having an official European Booth and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you.


What has FIC to offer?

Visitors can expect to attend keynotes, round tables, demonstrations and network with cybersecurity and digital trust ecosystem representatives.

This is an excellent opportunity for discussing and reflecting on digital security’s operational and strategic issues.


ECA’s Position at FIC

With nearly 19,000 participants from 60 countries and taking place across 20,000 square meters, ECA will primarily represent France and Germany at the event.

The ECA is thrilled to participate in this important event, which brings together Europe’s top cybersecurity companies.

The upcoming FIC offers a big opportunity to realize our role as a bridge builder and enables an exchange beyond European borders.


What is our thought behind it?

Strengthening Europe’s strategic economic autonomy can be achieved through a conscious business-related interdependence between European companies and all participants in the European economic ecosystem. 

Europe must build a robust regional economic network that fosters innovation and technologies. While embedding this network in the global world economy is crucial, it should not take priority over putting the defense of European interests and values at the forefront.


Meet our booth partners 

As part of our commitment to showcasing top-notch European cybersecurity innovation, we are excited to organize a common booth with three German companies and two French companies.

Join us as we showcase the best of what Europe has to offer in the field of cybersecurity!

  • Build 38 offers AI-powered app security solutions. First to combine app-hardening, threat monitoring & reaction. It also enables any organization to create self-defending mobile applications for any smartphone and comply with the increasing number of data security regulations around the world, bridging the specific gaps of each phone to the required compliance level, including PCI, eIDAS, SSI, MPoC, and others.Headquartered in Munich and global offices in Barcelona and Singapore, our company is recognised in the GARTNER Market Guide and Hype Cycle for Application Security since2019 and the first to combine In-App Shielding, Threat Monitoring and Reaction, in a platform powered by AI.

Find more information: https://build38.com/

  • EXEO is a multi-specialist Managed Services Cloud and Cybersecurity Provider. Its mission is to guide clients on adopting digital services to run and scale their businesses securely.By optimizing workloads and detecting threats and anomalies, EXEO currently provides servicesto clients in 16 countries through a 24×7 managed service center.

Find more information: https://exeo.net

  • INFODAS was founded in 1974 and is one of the leading software and consulting companies for cyber and information security in Germany.The midsized system house provides services to companies, public authorities and the military in the conception and implementation comprehensive approaches to cyber and information security and the protection of IT infrastructures. In addition, the company develops high-security products for domain transitions (Cross Domain Solutions) and the protection of critical infrastructures. Infodas GmbH has been certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as an IT security service provider in the areas of IS auditing, consulting and IS penetration tests UP-Bund. It also has IT security experts who are allowed to support KRITIS operators in accordance with. In addition to the headquarters in Cologne, the company has further locations in Berlin, Bonn,Hamburg and Munich.

Find more information: https://www.infodas.com/de/

  • ISL (Internet Security Solution GmbH) is a leading German IT security software manufacturer. For20 years, ISL’s proprietary software ARP-GUARD has been protecting IT infrastructures from unauthorized devices and internal attacks. Since 2019, ISL has been part of the DTS Group. ISL’s IT security competencies coupled with DTS’ infrastructural contribution drive the development of further innovative IT security solutions.These include the Security Information & Operation 24/7 DTS Cockpit platform, whichorchestrates various IT security solutions. ISL also offers “as a service” solutions such as DTS Identity via data centers in Germany: an Identity & Access Management Made in Germany.

Find more information: https://www.isl.de/de

  • Red Alert Labs is an independent IoT security lab and a cybersecurity consulting agency helping organizations trust IoT devices throughout their entire life-cycle. They offer a broad range of services to improve the security of your connected products and solutions through Consultancy, Evaluation, Certification, Innovative Tools. It’s framework covers the whole IoT solution environment from Chip to Cloud and our partners benefit from our special expertise and full mastering of compliance and regulations at European and international levels, such as EN 303 645, IEC 62443, EUCC, CC, EUCS, RED, MDR etc. Red Alert Labs is revolutionizing the way companies assess, certify and secure by design their connected ICT / IoT solutions through innovative platform.

Find more information: https://www.redalertlabs.com/


Our Program For FIC

Our upcoming event promises to be an exciting and informative experience for all attendees.

The event will kick off with a Booth breakfast where guests will have the opportunity to network and mingle with representatives from various European cybersecurity companies. During the booth breakfast, guests can expect to learn more about the companies in attendance and the innovative cybersecurity solutions they offer. This is a great opportunity to connect with industry leaders and discuss the latest trends in the field.

Following the booth breakfast, there will be a series of  presentations from our partners. These presentations will cover a wide range of topics, including the latest cybersecurity threats facing Europe, strategies for protecting against cyberattacks, and emerging technologies that can enhance cybersecurity.

The Booth is designed to be interactive and informative, with plenty of opportunities for attendees to connect with peers and industry leaders.


Meet our Team and learn more about us! You are more than welcome!

Andrea Vaugan