First European Cybersecurity Funds Mapping is out! -
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First European Cybersecurity Funds Mapping is out!

Funds mapping slide 1 censored

First European Cybersecurity Funds Mapping is out!

Another big project from the last few months has been finished! We searched, sorted, and collected information about almost 150 Fund companies across Europe.

Some general information:

The first mapping about Funds hereby contains three different slides of which, companies invest “mainly”, “regularly”, or just “from time to time” in Cybersecurity. Additionally, we ordered the companies country-wise on the slides for a better overview. You can see the censored version of the “time to time” investor companies above. For better usage of these mappings, we also collected some basic information about the funds and will publish those together with the mappings. So it is pretty easy to get a fast overview of all the funds if you are looking for funding.

The ECA Cybersecurity Focus Group, and especially Dominique Tessier, worked on this project over the last few months. So we are happy to finally share the results with you.

We hope our work can benefit you and we are welcoming of comment. So feel free to give us feedback on where we should improve the next time or what you really think is good and has a benefits. You can either directly contact us on LinkedIn or just by writing an e-Mail to the following address:


Andrea Vaugan