POINTSHARP on Eidas2 - European Champions Alliance
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The EU is ready to deploy the 2nd version of eIDAS, its standard for eID across Europe.

Our member POINTSHARP, a Swedish company with a branch in Germany, comments :

« eIDAS 2.0 will improve our lives — for private and professional use

The concept of identity and authentication is at the core of what we do at Pointsharp. How can you prove that you are who you say you are?

Identifying yourself by a username and password was played out long ago. Over the years, we have grown used to seeing various multi-factor authentication methods in play. Everything from scratch cards for logging into your bank account to digital identities with the same level of trust as your passport. But it has always been a fragmented space where one standard is incompatible with the other or not secure enough to be taken seriously on a broader scale. The second edition of eIDAS, or eIDAS 2.0, will fix many of those problems on a European-wide scale. But it might not be the silver bullet for everything connected to eID.

eIDAS 2.0, much like NIS2 and the upcoming updates to GPDR, is meant to address the shortcomings of the initial regulation. For eIDAS, that comes in the form of the ambitious goal of having 80% of European citizens under the new digital ID system by 2030.

That will come by updating the regulation with more robust directives for digital certificates, a wider scope of services, and introducing “qualified trust service providers” to oversee much of the identification. Hopefully, this means we can enjoy an EU-wide electronic identification system, having one eID system no matter where you might be in Europe.

At Pointsharp, we follow this closely to see where our solutions might help. At the same time, as a company sprung out of Sweden, we also have a good idea of what it takes to do both personal and professional ID right.

As a Swede, you use your digital ID for literally everything. You use it to log in to your bank account, file your taxes, log into your children’s school information system, insurance companies, everything. You can even use it as a proper ID card in stores.

That is very much what eIDAS 2.0 is trying to accomplish on a Union-wide scale… »

Want to know more ? Read more here

POINTSHARP makes a distinction between « private eID » and « professional one » (both being helped by eIDAS). This could be a matter for discussion.

Any comment? Dont hesitate to jump into the discussion, send us an email!


Andrea Vaugan