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BOSCH and INFINEON partners on connected vehicles

As connected vehicles look more and more as “sofware surrounded by plastic and steelware”, the capability of chips dedicated to this domain to resist cyber-attacks has become crucial. And, as such vehicles will be manufactured on a larger scale as the time for quantum-computing to fly approaches, this capability must include that of stopping attacks based on quantum-computer. That’s the reason why ETAS, a BOSCH Group branch, and INFINEON, have cooperated to design hardware and software ready to be inserted in chips to enhance their level of security. An interesting feature of these elements is their execution speed, due to resorting to hugely parallel computation.

IQM a Finnish quantum-computing manufacturer pledges for an Europe of advanced technologies.

At “Choose France” on May 13, 2024, Jan Goetz, the founder and CEO of IQM, announced IQM will open a new research center in Grenoble. Jan took this occasion to speak out: ”Together with the announcement for our next quantum chip factory in Grenoble, I had the honor to discuss with President Emmanuel Macron the importance of AI and quantum at the Choose France event. I explained our vision to build a “Quantum Airbus” by combining forces in Europe and building on our strengths in quantum technologies. It was great to see so much commitment in the room to strategic topics like supercomputing, security, and decarbonization. It would be great if more political leaders followed this strategy to build a tech future together with business leaders”. 

The ECA notes that IQM was part of our European Deeptech Day last year in May, in Paris. We sustain their view of combining forces !

ALICE & BOB provides a new quantum chip to reduce error rate

Quantum-computer bits are extremely sensitive to what experts call “decoherence”, resulting in errors. Among problems are “bit-flips” by which a zero turns into a 1. The new chip named “Boson 4” is designed to enhance the duration between bit-flip errors by 4 orders of magnitude. ALICE & BOB, a French start up, hopes to distribute its new chip to quantum-computing manufacturers.

PASQAL announces a first ever sale in Saudi Arabia

Pasqal, a French-Dutch quantum-computers manufacturer,  has just signed an agreement with Aramco, the national oil company, to bring the first quantum computer to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  In the second half of 2025, Pasqal will install and operate a 200-qubit quantum computer, marking a significant leap forward in technological innovation within the region 

Says Pasqal spokesperson : “this is the first time in our industry that a computer of such high computational power is sold to a private sector company. And it’s a premiere for Pasqal too, as it is our first quantum processor sold to a private enterprise company”.

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