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Securing multi-cloud environments

Securing multi-cloud environments

Post in collaboration with our member emma


As businesses harness the strengths of multiple cloud providers to enhance performance and minimize vendor lock-in, the popularity of multi-cloud solutions continues to surge.


However, this rise in popularity also brings an accompanying increase in cybersecurity risks. The intricate web of interconnected services across diverse cloud platforms creates a complex cybersecurity landscape, demanding heightened vigilance to protect sensitive data, ensure compliance, and guard against evolving cyber threats. Almost 90% of IT professionals and business leaders agree that security is the most crucial factor in determining the success of a cloud strategy.

Managing a multi-cloud environment requires security solutions that go beyond individual providers, highlighting the significance of multi-cloud security capabilities. This involves deploying tools and protocols that seamlessly integrate with and safeguard data across various cloud platforms. From encryption mechanisms and access controls to threat detection and compliance management, a comprehensive multi-cloud security approach becomes paramount.

Furthermore, as organizations traverse the intricate terrain of a multi-cloud infrastructure, the likelihood of misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities escalates. Embracing a multi-cloud security stance entails not only fortifying against external threats but also actively mitigating internal risks stemming from misconfigurations or unauthorized access within the intricate web of interconnected services. According to Gartner, CIOs in Europe are shifting their priorities internally, including enhancing cyber security spending. Spending on security and risk management in Europe is projected to reach around $56 billion, marking an increase of 16% compared to 2023.

Before this backdrop, emma technologies has recently joined the European Champions Alliance (ECA), dedicated to promoting European technology and the core values it embodies. At the heart of ECA’s mission is a resolute commitment to advocating for strong cybersecurity measures in the European technological landscape.

At the heart of this objective is fostering collaborative efforts among technology firms in Europe, reinforcing the cybersecurity infrastructure across the continent. The alliance actively promotes the development and integration of cutting-edge technologies within the cybersecurity domain. This includes advocating for innovative security solutions like advanced threat detection, encryption protocols, and secure data management strategies, to effectively combat the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.


“Cloud service providers should not only provide technical guarantees for data protection but also ensure immunity from data capture by the cloud provider itself or external entities, particularly when these entities fall under extra-territorial jurisdiction,” emphasizes Dominique Tessier, Focus Group Leader — Cybersecurity at the European Champions Alliance (ECA).

“We advocate for a model where Europe establishes standards that all cloud service providers must adhere to. This approach would uphold competition and enable users to seamlessly transition between providers while benefiting from interoperability.”

Tessier also highlights the potential for European technology providers to champion data protection, interoperability, and advanced security measures, including access to rare technologies like quantum computing, along with enhanced security through the identification and resolution of misconfigurations.

He concludes, “We are excited to welcome emma to ECA, as it provides our members with an opportunity to integrate with the emma platform. This will help them expand their market presence and establish themselves as leaders in offering comprehensive and secure solutions for multi-cloud environments that organizations manage with the emma multi-cloud management platform.”

Dominique Tessier
Focus Group Leader — Cybersecurity at the European Champions Alliance (ECA)


The emma platform plays a pivotal role in securing multi-cloud environments. With its cloud-agnostic approach, the platform provides organizations with multi-cloud dedicated capabilities to seamlessly navigate and secure diverse cloud environments. This redefines the paradigm of multi-cloud security, offering a comprehensive solution that adapts dynamically to the complexities of the modern cloud landscape.


Encryption and Data Protection
The emma platform places a high priority on data protection, ensuring the implementation of robust encryption measures. By encrypting data in transit and at rest, it remains secure and protected from unauthorized access. This commitment to data security reflects best practices, particularly in the context of multi-cloud scenarios, where safeguarding sensitive information is paramount.

Compliance Management
The emma platform assists organizations in adhering to industry-specific regulations and compliance standards. The platform provides tools for monitoring and enforcing compliance measures, ensuring that the multi-cloud environment meets the necessary security and regulatory requirements.

Interoperability Support
emma’s vendor-agnostic approach supports interoperability across different cloud providers. This ensures that security measures can be consistently applied and maintained across diverse cloud platforms, promoting a cohesive and secure multi-cloud environment.

Incident Response and Remediation
The emma platform facilitates efficient incident response and remediation processes. In the event of a security incident, the platform provides tools to investigate, contain, and remediate the issue, minimizing the impact on the overall security posture.

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