Testimony by our member RED ALERT LABS - European Champions Alliance
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Testimony by our member RED ALERT LABS

Testimony by our member RED ALERT LABS

RSA Conference: a testimony by our member RED ALERT LABS 

Our member Roland Atoui, founder and CEO of Red Alert Labs, shares his experience after attending the RSA Conference in San Francisco (as some other members of the ECA as ENCLAIVE and MITIGANT).

Reflecting on my experience at RSA Conference 2024, I’m thrilled to share some personal insights and key takeaways from this dynamic event. With around 41,000 attendees, the conference was alive with the latest cybersecurity innovations and insightful thought leadership.

One of the most notable aspects of this year’s conference was the prominent presence of European companies, particularly highlighted by the large and strategically located German Teletrust pavilion in the north branch. This prestigious setup showcased a strong representation from Germany, offering a compelling glimpse into the country’s cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies and initiatives. While there were smaller pavilions representing Spain and the Netherlands, it was unfortunate that many French companies were present individually rather than under a unified national pavilion.

Companies like Red Alert Labs, GLIMPS, and Tyrex-Cyber were part of the Business France initiative, offering pre-booked sessions and meeting rooms alongside the main conference. This arrangement, while beneficial, underscored a broader challenge within the EU despite our individual strengths, the absence of a unified presence lessens our potential impact. The high costs and complexities of accessing the market are significant hurdles that, I believe, could be more effectively overcome by a united European front such as ECA.

It’s obvious that AI was the magic keyword that you see almost everywhere all over the conference.

The “DevSecOps and Generative AI: Security in an AI Universe” seminar was particularly enlightening, delving into the integration of AI with security practices, a critical topic as AI technologies increasingly pervade cybersecurity.

The informal networking opportunities, especially at the Cybrew Café, were invaluable. Discussing varied perspectives and ideas with peers and industry leaders in such settings is always enlightening and is often where the most actionable insights emerge.

The keynotes addressed broad, impactful topics, including the evolving legal and policy landscape of cybersecurity. The session on “Cybersecurity’s Next Legal and Policy Frontier: Software Liability” was particularly compelling, offering crucial insights into future tech regulation.

Overall, RSA Conference 2024 was an enriching experience that not only broadened my understanding but also highlighted the vital role of collaboration in strengthening our industry’s global impact. Looking forward to next year, Red Alert Labs will again participate to extend its CyberPass platform to the U.S market meeting the US Cyber Trust Mark requirements, aiming to utilize the most efficient format that allows us to access qualified leads in the most cost-effective manner.

The conference continues to be a pivotal platform for growth and innovation in cybersecurity, and I am eager to see how it evolves in the coming year.

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