The BIG bpifance: Cooperation for the Environment - European Champions Alliance
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The BIG bpifance: Cooperation for the Environment

The BIG bpifance: Cooperation for the Environment

The ECA presents at one of the biggest business meetings in Europe


Joint measures of environmental protection between Germany and France have been decided upon by both countries´ governments. In order to take part in the debate the ECA took part in the BIG business conference in the Accor Arena in Paris.

Since these decisions have implicatios for Frech and German businesses in terms of opportunities and challenges, ECA Co-founder Andrea Vaugan and Greentech Focus Group leader Cécile Garcia LeGeoff together with Sven Rösner, General Director of OFATE found it worthwhile to host a discussion on franco-german cooperation.




Watch replay down below 👇



The BIG France is one of the biggest business conference in Europe, hosted by the Banque Publique d’Investissement. This year, thousands of visitors came to discuss the newest tech trends and progress in European digital technology. The high-quality lineup of speakers included, but was not limited to, Thomas Pisquet and President Emanuel Macron and the agenda was packed with highly topical issues and together this made for an exeptional event.

The ECA had a great time presenting at this impressive and important event and meeting some friends along the way!

Press play at Min: 20:39 to watch Andrea Vaugan and Cécile Garcia LeGeoff rock the stage!


Andrea Vaugan