The ECA Early Stage Governance Guide for startups - European Champions Alliance
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The ECA Early Stage Governance Guide for startups

The ECA Early Stage Governance Guide for startups

The European Champions Alliance is delighted to present the
2021 Early Stage Governance Guide – an effective lever for the development of start-ups

For many entrepreneurs, the initial incentive to have an early stage governance framework is gaining access to finance. However, the upside of good governance goes well beyond access to finance. Much research has shown that it improves business performance and sustainability of companies. An effective governance that provides for transparency, trust, collaboration and sustainability will build a more prosperous company future while being respectful of ESG principles (environmental, social and corporate governance).

In this guide, you will:

  • Discover the value of smart, effective governance
  • Benefit from testimonials and expert knowledge
  • Design a Memorandum of Understanding and Process (MoUP)
  • Learn to shape your company’s culture and DNA
  • Prepare the entry of partners and investors
  • Limit your venture’s risk exposure and prepare for the future


Last but not least, our ten recommendations can serve as a check-list to implement early stage governance in a young company. It gives hands-on advice on how to implement governance in your venture’s operations.

Going forward the European Champions Alliance Focus Group Innovation & Governance plans to do updates to expand the European dimension of governance so it stays relevant for entrepreneurs. Future versions will encompass the feedback of readers and governance evolution. We are very interested to hear from you and we will invite you to answer our feedback survey soon after your download.

Click here to download the ECA Early Stage Governance Guide.

Andrea Vaugan