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When will European Digital Sovereignty come?

When will European Digital Sovereignty come?


Stormshield, le choix européen d’une cybersécurité de confiance

Will European digital sovereignty come soon?

For several years now, the issue of European digital sovereignty is back in the technological spotlights. And while Europe has a number of assets to move in this direction, what is (still) missing to finally witness the emergence of European digital sovereignty?

Digital sovereignty: Europe’s assets

Espionage, backdoors, supra-national laws…: the climate of the last few years shows that we have every interest in assessing our confidence in the cybersecurity products we use. Today more than ever, each country must be able to ensure the security of its digital assets, to protect its economic and strategic interests. This current situation should encourage us to think about the solutions to be put in place at European level.

And it’s clear that we already have solid assets for a strong digital Europe. On the one hand, the certifications and qualifications of the national agencies of leading countries such as France, Germany and Spain are recognised on the international scene and are a guarantee of quality, trust and security. On the other hand, a common regulatory framework has been structured with the NIS (Network and Information Security) Directive, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the recent Cybersecurity Act. An obvious help to shape the notion of digital trust at European level in the wake of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

When will European champions emerge?

But these first steps towards European cooperation remains still tentative. And among the major challenges awaiting Europe on the road to digital sovereignty, the ability to bring about the emergence of genuine European cybersecurity champions is one of the greatest. Digital sovereignty is also a financial and commercial issue, to give European players the means to compete with their international counterparts on the basis of a commercial and marketing strike force. To achieve this, the protection of European unicorns and the creation of a true common European digital market are essential steps.

Beyond equal or even superior performance, the challenge is to gain the trust of cybersecurity solutions users. Europe’s digital sovereignty can only really be achieved at the price of this trust. In the end, this is the most precious intangible asset in these times of widespread suspicion.



At Stormshield, cybersecurity experts plan how to protect sensitive and critical infrastructure.

At Stormshield, cybersecurity experts plan how to protect sensitive and critical infrastructure.

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