Events and Meetings 2023 - European Champions Alliance
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Events and Meetings 2023

As we are an open initiative and believe that values such as transparency and open-mindedness is a must, we invite you as members or only curious person to join our events. Also, we want to be transparent and inform all stakeholders about how we lead the European Champions Alliance.

Up-Coming Events (for members and non-members):

Billetterie Weezevent

Focus group meetings (for members only):

Focus groups are groups that are dedicated to a special sector. They meet on average every 2 months to discuss new actions and ideas.

Thematic meetings with an emphasis on our focus groups such as cybersecurity, industry 4.0, health tech or mobility. Meetings can be open or restrained to members only. Please find out more about the focus groups and their respective agenda by contacting us at


  • Cybersecurity (Dominique Tessier)
    • June 2023: Focus Group Meeting for members
    • October 2023: We will be at HOME OF IT SECURITY – it-sa Expo&Congress in Nürnberg, Germany –> Link to the event here
    • November 2023: Focus Group Meeting for members


  • Greentech Cleantech (Andrea Vaugan)
    • June 2023: Focus Group Meeting
    • September 2023: We will be at Impact Festival 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany –> Link to the event here
    • October 2023: Focus Group Meeting


  • Smart Industry (Dominique Tessier + Andrea Vaugan)
    • June 2023: Focus Group Meeting
    • October 2023: Focus Group Meeting

Expert Sessions 2023 (for members only):



  • April 2023: The Memorandum of Understanding and Process (dipl.iur. Jean-Christophe Barth, MBA, Guillaume Marès)
  • Early Stage Governance (Jean-Christophe Barth, Jean-Luc Biache, Aline Eibl, Gérald Farrenc, Jean-Louis Flammand, Olivier Gras, Alan Tawil-Kummerman) guide to be presented at ECA Tech Champions Day 11 May 2023 ==> series of presentations/webinars thereafter
  • End of July 2023: Sales & Contract Negotiation (dipl.iur. Jean-Christophe Barth, MBA)
  • Early September 2023: Protecting your Brand and your Business (dipl.iur. Jean-Christophe Barth, MBA)


International business development and expansion:

  • April 2023: How to build a winning International Expansion Playbook (Andrea Vaugan)
  • June 2022: How to best prepare your go-to-market in German (Andrea Vaugan)
  • Date TBD: How to scale faster through partners
  • Date TBD: How to best approach corporates in other geographical markets to scale you start-up


International marketing and branding: 

  • September 2023: How to win in International Marketing and set-up a Winning International brand (Andrea Vaugan)
  • October 2023: How to set-up an international winning event strategy (Marty Huisman)
  • Date TBD: How to set-up a winning European PR Strategy


Start-Up Operations and HR

  • Date TBD: votre start up grandit … que faire pour la protéger des attaques Cyber ?
  • Date TBD: International HR Management



  • International legal operations

Working groups (for members only):


Working groups are groups that are transversal and dedicated to a special topic.

They meet on average every 3 months to discuss new actions and ideas.

  • Open innovation (hosted by: Andrea Vaugan)
  • How to facilitate international expansion (hosted by: Andrea Vaugan)
  • Cooperation between members (hosted by: Dominique Tessier)
  • Public procurement (hosted by: JC Barth-Coullaré)
  • Governance for Start-ups and scale-ups (hosted by: JC Barth-Coullaré)

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Our Events

ECA Members Online Workshop: European Funding Programs With a robust career spanning over three decades in entrepreneurship and two decades dedicated to EU programs as an expert, evaluator, and auditor, François Le Page, member and expert at the ECA, brings a wealth of knowledge and......

This year’s GISEC has proven to be a hotspot for groundbreaking developments and strategic alliances in cybersecurity. From innovative on-premises EDR solutions to advanced threat detection systems, the event showcased the dynamic evolution of cybersecurity technologies and the commitment of industry leaders to secure digital......

Unveiling the Success of the Global Encryption Forum 2023 On the 16th of November, in Lausanne, Switzerland, Encryption Europe, sponsored by Vaultree, partnered with Trust Valley, the Economy of Trust Foundation, and Unlimitrust by SICPA to hold the Global Encryption Forum 2023. This community-gathering event......

The ECA at FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum) 2023 The ECA had the pleasure of hosting the first-ever Cybersecurity German-French booth at FIC, on April 5-7. Our estimated partners were five companies, three German and two French: BUILD38 (Mobile devices protection), EXEO (Cloud management and security),......

From April 5th to 7th, 2023, the ECA will attend the 15th edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) in Lille. This marks our first time having an official European Booth and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you.   What has FIC to offer?......

“I was impressed that from all the different people we talked to and all their different approaches and solutions, all are united in the wish for a stronger European offer in products, community, and lobbying”, says this young lawyer met at the exit door of......

First, our team was impressed by so many exhibitors, and by so many new challenges. Difficult to quote them all. Just a sample: The Swiss Pavilion, with the thrilling creativity of the present companies and the quality of their forum The crowds on the booths......

On April 26, 2022, the ECA gathered 5 excellent speakers to discuss Threat detection and Vulnerability assessment. Though looking technical, this topic is of key importance as cyber-attacks have never been so intensive. The first step to building robust protection is to know what can......

Threats to space are increasing. Such is the observation made by many specialists and players in Cybersecurity and space at the CYSAT conference held in Paris on 6 and 7 April. At Station F, they reflected on ways to better guarantee Cybersecurity in the space sector. “The world is no......