Attending the FIC 2021: An Opportunity for strengthening the pan-European Cybersecurity Network - European Champions Alliance
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Attending the FIC 2021: An Opportunity for strengthening the pan-European Cybersecurity Network

Attending the FIC 2021: An Opportunity for strengthening the pan-European Cybersecurity Network

By Karla Karathomas – Communication and strategic partnerships

The ECA was represented at this year´s FIC with a forum and some expert speakers and used the opportunity to bring together important players of the European cybersecurity ecosystem.

ECA founders Andrea and Dominique at the FIC 2021 with Luc d`Urso, CEO at ATEMPO and member of the ECA

This year, the ECA was represented for the first time at the Forum Internacional de Cyberserurité. Founders Andrea Vaugan and Dominique Tessier used this opportunity to personally meet our members and partners and make new contacts. Further to the partnership between the ECA and the FIC, a great exchange took place between experts, stakeholders,start-ups, scale-ups, corporates, associations and government agencies. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign and Survey Results

The ECA is now, more than ever, strongly committed to pursuing the goals of the Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign. To this end, the FIC was a perfect platform, and the speakers who talked during our Forum delivered high quality content. We talked about recent cybersecurity attacks (Solarwinds and Kaseya), the development of European IoT suppliers and coming challenges for cybersecurity systems, including the issues of the “application layer”. Andrea and Dominique presented the latest progress of our Cybersecurity campaign and preliminary results of our Cybersecurity survey. (On this occasion, a big Thank You to our great members and partners Maxime ALAY-EDDINE from Cyberwatch, Frederic De Maury from Tehtris, Roland Atoui from Red Alert Lab, Gweltas RADENAC from Wisekey and Stephane de Saint Albin from Rhode & Schwarz Cybersecurity to put their effort into pursuing our common aim) 

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Our Forum and the emergence of a strong European Cybersecurity Ecosystem

The FIC was a great place to see for ourselves the state of the art of the European cybersecurity technology industry. To our great pleasure, many new players are emerging, established ones are getting stronger and there was a vital discussion on new trends and the threats in the cybersecurity scene. However, there was still a strong presence of French players – along with, for example, swiss and dutch players – and as the ECA has established the strengthening of a pan-European cybersecurity ecosystem as one of its main objectives this was a good opportunity to formulate some short and long-term goals to address the current system´s problems, and to prepare for a next session where the other European countries will be even better represented.

The Cyber industry is now a community, it is more than the sum of each of its members. -Dominique Tessier, Leader of the Cybersecurity Focus Group

Nevertheless, one can see that a European community is emerging, and a series of partnerships that were announced at the FIC are proof for this. Cybersecurity threats are becoming more and more important in politics, corporate governance and for private customers. It was good to see that the cybersecurity industry in Europe is on its way to being able to satisfy the demand for support by customers and is able to compete with strong players like the US in terms of innovation.

During the FIC, two main objectives came into focus for the ECA´s cybersecurity campaign: creating more visibility for its participants by starting a social media campaign and creating a space of quality content discussion between the European cybersecurity players. More visibility is needed to further European leadership and teamwork on a global scale. As for the need for discussion: bringing together important players and improving exchange will boost the quality of innovation and create opportunities for collaboration.

For a more detailed report of the FIC and state-of-the-art of the European cybersecurity scene, see the report of Dominique Tessier, leader of the Cybersecurity focus group, on the event here.

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You missed out on the event? Don’t worry, replays will be available soon.

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Andrea Vaugan