#ECATechTalks: How French Scale-Ups support the European Digital Sovereignty - with Luc d'Urso, CEO of Atempo - European Champions Alliance
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#ECATechTalks: How French Scale-Ups support the European Digital Sovereignty – with Luc d’Urso, CEO of Atempo


#ECATechTalks: How French Scale-Ups support the European Digital Sovereignty – with Luc d’Urso, CEO of Atempo

What is ATEMPO?

ATEMPO is a French Cybersecurity company focusing on providing secure storage systems. It aims at protecting and safely storing the data, whatever happens to the customer’s information system. This is particularly important in case of disaster or crypto logging by a hacker.

Why interview ATEMPO?

Being a scale-up, with a customer footprint now in some 50 countries, ATEMPO epitomises how a small French company can successfully grow internationally. Their suggestions are based on a large experience and anchored in reality.

More on Atempo: https://www.atempo.com/

Who is Luc d’Urso?

Luc is a serial entrepreneur in IT. It’s interesting to know that ATEMPO was once a US company and has been purchased back … something which unfortunately happens more often the other way. Luc is also VP of the French association Hexatrust. ATEMPO is one of the first companies to have joined the ECA in 2020.

More on Luc d’Urso: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucdurso/

What are the key takes of his interview?

The red thread of Luc’s interview is that French (and European) Cybersecurity companies can scale, deploy and support systems for large customers worldwide. He speaks of examples of the real world. It’s incredible discovering, for instance, that ATEMPO systems back half the US film and video production. Luc also has key ideas about how to build unicorn candidates and the responsibility of public order in that respect.

Interview by Andrea Vaugan, Co-Founder of the ECA and Dominique Tessier, Leader of the Cybersecurity Focus Group


What are the #ECATechTalks?

In the ECA Tech Talks we interview entrepreneurs, personalities, ecosystem experts and leaders. Our topics range from the tech ecosystem in Europe, European Sovereignty, Strategic Autonomy, scaling start-ups in Europe, European Expansion and much more.

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Also, read our recent interview with Luc here.


Andrea Vaugan