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Focus Group Green Tech

Supporting the transition to a sustainable, environment-friendly economy

Three key areas our work focuses on:



  • Fostering accountability within the ecosystem, supported by Tech solutions


Funds/Business Development:

  • Supporting access to finance & market for Greentech




  • Leveraging synergies to efficiently bring European Greeentech solutions

Focus Group Greentech

So far:

  • Webinar: The role of Greentech in achieving a low-carbon economy


  • Series: Financing instruments for Start-Ups




  • Exploring European Greentech – A new series on mapping the European Greentech landscape:

  • In this series, we will explore the state of the European Greentech along the eight policy areas of the EU Green Deal

  • Beyond being simply an informative session, we will enable you to connect with some key players building a sustainable future, to create a vibrant pan-European community and thus empower the growth of European Greentech champions

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The Greentech focus group gathers entrepreneurs, individual experts, companies, all motivated to leverage smart collaboration to support the growth of the European Greentech champions and push the Green agenda forward. The Greentech Focus Group is led by Cécile Garcia le Goff, independent Business Development strategist & passionate about European impactful companies.


Are you also passionate about empowering European Greentech?


Do you wish to share your experience on finding solutions for green issues?


Ore are you looking for partners to accelerate your innovation of European Expansion?


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Our partners

Impact Festival 2021

Green Tech Blog

Our new whitepaper “Water Pollution – Plastic in the Ocean” is finally out! 🌊 🌊 🌊   Together with the IMPACT FESTIVAL and with the U-Change tool Motherbase we are sharing our first whitepaper following the eight policy areas of the EU Green Deal: Clean......

The ECA presents at one of the biggest business meetings in Europe   Joint measures of environmental protection between Germany and France have been decided upon by both countries´ governments. In order to take part in the debate the ECA took part in the BIG......

About the Company:   Dryad Networks is an environmental IoT startup based in Berlin-Brandenburg. Its mission is to develop a large-scale IoT network that allows public and private forest owners to monitor, analyze and protect the world’s largest, most remote forests. The initial focus is......

The ECA has an official partnership with German key player Impact Festival, based in Frankfurt, as part of its Green Tech Focus Group. The Impact Connect event will happen on Friday the 23rd of April 2021 from 2 PM till 6 PM, via Talque.  It......

Further to the publication by the French Institut G9+ of the book Tech it Green Transformation numérique et transition écologique : construire la double révolution du 21e siècle, the European-Champions Alliance is supporting the international roll-out of its key proposal: the Digital voluntary commitment agreement.......

ChangeNOW 2021 is going virtual. We’ve launched our applications to pitch at ChangeNOW.  The pitch is specifically designed for startups that are fundraising in 2021.  Pitching is free of charge (with the purchase of a 3-day pass for EUR 90 – early bird / EUR......

Greenwashing is a communication and marketing strategy adopted by companies or other organizations. It consists of putting forward ecological arguments to create an eco-responsible image in the eyes of the public, when the reality of the facts does not correspond, or insufficiently so, to the......